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Hydroponics Growing With Neptune's Harvest

Hydroponics Growing With Neptune's Harvest

Using Neptune's Harvest Liquid Fish or Fish/Seaweed Blend in a Hydroponics System.When using these products in a Hydroponics System, there are a few things to consider.
The Fish and the Blend are stabilized with Phosphoric Acid to bring the pH down to 3.5.
This process keeps the Fish from rotting and stinking. Once you add water to the Fish, the pH goes up and it is no longer stable. Because of this it must be used sparingly in a Hydroponics System, or it will start to smell like rotting fish.
The following are recommended usage rates that we got from a grower with a Hydroponics System, who grows Wheat Grass, Herbs and Flowers.
This grower uses 80 ml Fish or Fish/Seaweed Blend per 75 gallons of water,
(1 tsp. = 15 ml).
Because he uses such a low amount, there is no odor. Also, he is feeding constantly, so he is giving the plants plenty of nutrients to grow.
He does not use any other fertilizers, and sees excellent results. He is paying 1/3 less for
this product, than his previous fertilizer, and it "works better"

Some growers have reported excellent results, from a fine mist foliar feed, at the rate of 1 oz. per gallon of water, once per week. When feeding this way not much product reaches the water and the plants get all the nutrients directly into them, because the fertilizers are
systemic, and go straight into the plant through the leaves.
Any future feedback will be appreciated. This is a new segment of our business and we are constantly learning from our customers. We will update this as more information becomes available.

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