Monday, October 24, 2011

Utilize Organic Soil Nutrient Enhancer and Reaps the Benefits

The latest innovation  called Root Magic detoxifies the soil and promote soil health . A healthy soil works with the plant to process nutrients more effectively. This greatly reduces the impact of runoff and leaching from unused nutrients down through the soil and away from the plant.
Enjoy the Benefits:

  • Promote root growth
  • Promote plant growth
  • Avoid plant shock
  • Avoid plant loss
  • Bloom Brighter
  • Bloom more
  • Better Fruiting
  • Better Harvest
Experience FASTER SEED GERMINATION100% Organic, ROOT MAGIC has natural growth stimulants that immediately work with the plant
seed. This starts the growing process, 5 X faster than compost manure or synthetic seed starter fertilizers.

Farmers throughout the USA are seeing outstanding
results. ROOT MAGIC not only works with the soil and the
plant, But ROOT MAGIC will also enhance the performance
of traditional fertilizers. The results are better growth,
better health, and better harvest. Farmers have seen yield
increase by up to 30% in the first season alone.
Not only is RM cost effective to the farmer, it allows for a
20% to 35 % reduction in traditional fertilizer applications,
Saving even more!!!!
ROOT MAGIC , Promotes stress relief to re-potted plants and outdoor relocation
transplants. Perfect for plants brought home from the local garden center.
Whatever the situation, ROOT MAGIC will ensure that your plants avoid going into
shock from a host of issues including winter and drought conditions.....

A combination of the two MOST effective plant supplements in Nature, ROOT MAGIC
will work in the soil to unlock nutrients , buffer the Ph and allow the plant to absorb
nutrients more effectively. This means less fertilizer is needed to achieve optimal
growth in any turf, landscape garden, indoor/outdoor potted plants.....

in turf grass will absorb more nutrients. Retain more moisture and leave little room
for weeds to grow. Turf grass will stay healthy with far less harsh chemical applications.

ROOT MAGIC is Guaranteed to enhance any gardening
experience, weather it's commercial crops, Turf grass,
vegetable gardens or flower beds. If you are not currently using
Root Magic Then Now is the perfect time to try some. See for yourself what a huge
difference this product will make For All your plants...
Root Magic

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